Two years of blogging and its changes

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Two years of blogging and its changes

Today is our birthday! Mine, the blog's and of course the community's out there. I am 30, and the blog only two years old. Beautiful years...! Next year we will be in another place, we will celebrate something else.

I was dreaming a lot last year. Unfortunately, there were too few dreams that came true. I suppose it happened to a lot of you because of the pandemic situation. In my case, I cannot blame the pandemic situation, but work from home stopped my wish to spend more time in front of a computer.

Despite all, I tried to be close to you and offer some information. The best things which happened this year are:

What will be happening until next year? A lot of changes. The activity of this blog will be closed. Don't worry! A new beautiful project is up to start. At the right time, I will announce the kick-off: FIGHT WITH GLUTEN.

The change is necessary because I want to be more visible. Not only in Romania, but around the world. Also, a beautiful interface is in progress. I want to complete the blog with useful information about gluten, a guide for new celiac and much more.

If you like to see something here, don't be afraid to ask.

If you like to share your story for helping others, I am here.

Next year is filled with ideas, dreams and hopes. Let's keep in touch.

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